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Seasons in the Blue Mountains

Spectacular views, popular attractions, historic townships, fine wines and terrific food are just a few of the things that brings visitors back to the Blue Mountains year in and year out. However, the question has arisen, as to when is the best time of the year to visit the Blue Mountains. Anyone who’s been there before knows that’s not an easy question to answer. Why, because simply put …

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  • The Blue Mountains are aglow with color in the autumn season.
  • The Blue Mountains are crisp and cool and often snow covered in the winter season.
  • The Blue Mountains are a riot of color in the spring season.
  • The Blue Mountains are astonishingly refreshing in the summer season.

So if the Blue Mountains are so awesome through all four seasons, when should one schedule a trip? I must repeat that that’s not an easy question to answer because the answer is subjective. It will vary based on one’s likes and biases. Perhaps the question should be phrased, what’s your favorite season? That way an analytical mind could examine each season and come up with an impartial answer based on his or her personal preference.

Summer (December to February)

is the season when you should indulge in outdoor activities. The evenings are cool and up in the Blue Mountains the days are not necessarily cool, but the temperatures are bearable. Therefore summer is the perfect time to take advantage of any of the outdoor attractions the Blue Mountains has to offer. Think about camping, hiking climbing and bushwalking.

Autumn (March to May)

Some say that the autumn season is when Mother Nature and the Blue Mountains are both at their finest, as that’s when the foliage is turning from green to red to orange to gold before falling to the ground as winter encroaches. Outdoor activities in the Blue Mountains are still recommended, but with the caveat that you should never stray too far from a cozy bed and breakfast or a cheery pub where you can retreat should the weather suddenly turn cold.

Winter (June to August)

is the preferred time of the year to take in the Blue Mountains if you like a festive holiday atmosphere.It seems that everywhere you go in the Blue Mountain Range during the winter season is under the spell of the holiday season. Plus there’s always the very real possibility of snow, which will only enhance the area’s overall jolly ambiance.

Spring (September to November)

is very much like autumn in respect to the appearance of Mother Nature and the Blue Mountains. With wildflowers and fauna of all descriptions in full bloom, the rainforests in the valleys, the woodlands on the slopes and even the Leura Garden are all a must see.

17 Jul 2017
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