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Scenic World: The Perfect Way to Bask in the Blue Mountains’ Beauty

The World Heritage listed Blue Mountains are truly a sight to behold. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or returning to explore a little more, no visit is complete without a trip to Scenic World.

Located in Katoomba, Scenic World is home to endless views, rides, events, and even the world’s steepest railway. Best of all, the park is family friendly and features something for everyone to enjoy.

Today, we’re going to dive into why Scenic World is the perfect way to bask in the unrivalled beauty of the Blue Mountains. Let’s jump right into it!

The Scenic World Backstory

Scenic World has a rich and intriguing history that dates all the way back to the late 19th century. The site that is now Scenic World was originally part of the Katoomba mining tramways, which were initially constructed in the 1880s. 

In 1945, former World War II pilot Harry Hammon and his wife Isobel purchased the land and transformed the former mining site into what is now one of Australia's most iconic tourist attractions. The Hammon family capitalised on the existing railway and repurposed it as a passenger ride. This is when the first Scenic Railway was born!

In the years that followed, both Scenic Cableway and Scenic Skyway were added to give visitors more access to the spectacular views, deep valleys and sandstone cliffs that are so synonymous with the Blue Mountains.

Scenic World is still owned and operated by the Hammon family today and has grown into one of Australia's most beloved tourist destinations.

A Cultural Connection

Scenic World is not only a glimpse into the present, but also the rich cultural history of the land it sits on. 

The land surrounding Scenic World is that of the Gundungurra and Darug peoples, traditional owners who have lived in and cared for the mountains for thousands of years. The stories and spiritual significance of the Blue Mountains to the indigenous communities are incredibly profound. The stunning natural landscape also features prominently in their stories and traditions.

In recognition of this deep connection, Scenic World actively collaborates with local Aboriginal leaders to ensure that the presentation of the area's cultural heritage is both respectful and informative. Through guided tours, visitors are offered insights into the ancient stories and practices, including captivating insights into the significance of various sites, flora, and fauna.

As an organisation, Scenic World is also committed to doing their part for the preservation of the natural environment, including various sustainable practices and initiatives.

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What is There to Explore?

If you’ve ever visited the Blue Mountains, you’ll know just how stunning and breathtaking the natural scenery can be. The region's deep valleys, rock formations, lush forests and majestic cliffs are like nowhere else in the world.

If this is your first time, we promise that you’re in for a real treat! As we’ll explore below, there’s no better way to take in all of the views than hopping on Scenic World’s rides and attractions. Let’s quickly cover the most iconic opportunities now.

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Scenic Railway

RIDE SPECIFICS : 4 mins return / 310 metres distance / 84 adults capacity

The Scenic Railway currently holds the title as the world's steepest passenger railway. In fact, this ride descends into the ancient rainforest at a thrilling 52-degree incline. Originally constructed for mining purposes, it has been thrilling visitors since it was repurposed back in 1945. Every Scenic Railway journey offers a spectacular descent into the Jamison Valley, which is surrounded by steep cliffs and dense forest.

If you're interested in visiting, we offer a full Blue Mountain day itinerary that includes a trip on the Scenic Railway. 

Scenic Skyway

RIDE TIME: 10 minutes return

RIDE DISTANCE: 384 metres

Suspended 270 metres above ancient ravines, the Scenic Skyway is truly a breathtaking ride. Once on board, you’ll be surrounded by panoramic views of lush rainforests and one of the world’s most iconic rock formations, the Three Sisters. The Skyway also comes with a see-through glass floor that gives visitors a direct view down to the treetops and the valley floor below. As the ride also travels between cliff tops, it really allows you to appreciate the vastness of the Blue Mountains.

Scenic Cableway

RIDE TIME: 8 minutes

RIDE DISTANCE: 510 metres

The Scenic Cableway provides another unique perspective of the Blue Mountains. As the steepest and largest aerial cable car in the Southern Hemisphere, it offers stunning 360-degree views of Katoomba Falls, the Three Sisters, and Jamison Valley stretching to the horizon. The journey gives visitors an expansive overview of the region's rugged landscape, making it a must-do for first-time visitors and returning tourists alike.

Scenic Walkway


This 2.4-kilometer boardwalk is accessible from the bottom station of the Scenic Railway and allows you to meander through the forest at your own pace. It is an excellent way to experience the local flora and fauna up close, as well as learn from informative displays that are dotted along the path. So, if you’re looking for a more laid back experience, and want to learn about the unique ecological and historical aspects of the region, this is your best bet!

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Venturing Beyond the Cable Cars and Walkways

While the Scenic Railways and Skyways should definitely be at the top of your list, the surrounding Blue Mountains area is full of amazing things to do and see. In the charming town of Katoomba, there are great galleries, cafes, and boutiques, as well as hiking trails that cater to all levels of fitness and adventure. 

For a truly immersive experience, there are also guided tours that explore the region’s history, including the rich Aboriginal heritage, or you can even venture out to other scenic spots like Govetts Leap, Wentworth Falls, or LIncoln’s Rock.If you want to visit this region but don’t know where to start, OzTarils is here to help! We run Blue Mountain Tours that are led by knowledgeable and enthusiastic operators who do their best to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

What Else is On?

Whether you're travelling solo or visiting with friends, every trip here is one to remember. Here are a few of the other great experiences on offer.

Nocturnal: An Immersive Experience

As the sun sets over the Blue Mountains, Scenic World transforms with its immersive Nocturnal experience, which allows visitors to discover the magic of the rainforest under the stars. This unique evening event allows guests to explore the forest in a whole new light—or rather, in the mystical darkness of night—with special lighting effects enhancing the natural sounds and sights. Here, Guided tours provide insights into the nocturnal creatures that come alive at dusk, making it a captivating experience for wildlife enthusiasts and night owls alike.

Gundungurra Country Guides

Want to dive deeper into the rich cultural history and tapestry of the Blue Mountains? Scenic World’s Gundungurra Country Experiences are both informative and inspiring. These guided tours are led by knowledgeable guides who share the stories, traditions, and bushcraft of the Gundungurra people. During this experience, participants gain a profound understanding of the indigenous heritage of the area, while learning about the land's significance through stories, traditional tools, and bush tucker sessions that connect them directly with thousands of years of Aboriginal history and culture.

The Gruffalo Spotters Trail

This is a great option for families. The Gruffalo Spotters Trail brings beloved children's book characters to life while the stunning beauty of the Blue Mountains is the backdrop. Using an interactive app, children and their families can follow clues along the trail to find the Gruffalo and other characters from the story. The Spotters trail is designed to engage young explorers with the natural world while capturing their imaginations through interactive, augmented reality features that blend the virtual and natural worlds creatively.

Dinosaur Valley

Step back in time with Dinosaur Valley, where life-sized dinosaur figures are set amidst the stunning backdrop of the Blue Mountains one-of-a-kind landscapes. This attraction not only features realistic models of dinosaurs in naturalistic settings, but also offers educational content about these ancient creatures and the world they inhabited. Overall, it's an engaging and educational experience that captivates both children and adults.

Planning Your Visit

Being roughly an hour and a half from Sydney, Scenic World is incredibly popular during summer, school holidays, and public holidays. If you’re planning to visit during this time, pre-booking tickets online is essential.

Of course, you can also book an OzTrails tour, where a trip to Scenic World comes included! Our guided tour packages involve exciting trips through Scenic World’s best rides and attractions. Best of all, we’ll handle all the admin so you can focus on enjoying the experience and taking in the majestic beauty of the Blue Mountains.

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Visit Scenic World with OzTrails: Your Home for the Best Blue Mountain Tours

Affordable, fun, convenient, and awe-inspiring. This is what we promise to provide with every one of our Blue Mountain Tours. Starting from the heart of Sydney, our guides will take you on an unforgettable journey through the UNESCO World-Heritage listed Blue Mountains area.

From the Sydney Zoo all the way to Scenic World and everywhere in between, this will be a day that you and your friends or family will never forget. It doesn’t matter if you’re from NSW, interstate or overseas, everyone is welcome here!

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