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Fortune Favours The Bold – A Funny Blue Mountains Memory.

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lady in the shop took me for a spin on it at closing time. It was just me and her. Before OH&S laws became too stifling. She had zero idea how to control it. I have a bad fear of heights, but she talked me into it. We walked on, she grabbed the controls and jerked the cable car forward then stopped. There was silence and a ” whoops” as the cable car rocked back and forth. I gripped so tightly to the metal pole I think I bent it. She pressed the button and we jerked violently forward again. My palms were gushing sweat. We got to where the cable car is in the picture and this is when I realised I had really stuffed up. She kept her hand on the button and we raced towards the middle of the canyon. The sun had already set, and the view was apparently beautiful. I couldn’t see it because I was blinded by extreme fear. We powered further then she let go of the button and we once again came to a screeching halt, but the cable car rocked forward and backwards, forward and backwards until it came to a stand still. I mustered the courage to open my eyes. She was laughing her head off while I was losing my head. We stayed out there for about 60 seconds, which felt like 60 years. I said, “please let’s go back.” and she kindly agreed. Still laughing. The cable moved backwards towards the shop. Once again jolting and swaying to get started. I could hardly hold the pole because of the sweat on my palms. We glided back into the starting position and she casually opened the gate and said, ” we’ll have to do that again.” This was 20 years ago and I’m still seeing a psychiatrist.

15 Aug 2017
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